Your Startup Doesn’t Need A COO

By Brett Fox | November 23, 2020

“I’d like to be Chief Operating Officer,” Randy (not his real name) said to me. We had already agreed on Randy’s ownership in the company and his salary, so all that was left was the title. Randy had over 30 years experience, and he was a true heavyweight. “I think that makes sense,” I said.…

How You Can Prevent Co-Founder Issues Before They Start?

By Brett Fox | November 18, 2020

Co-founder issues are the most likely reason your startup will fail. Over 50% of the companies I work with have co-founder issues. So , wouldn’t it be nice if there was action startup founder advice that could identify and fix your startup founder issues before they have happen? This video is the first in a…

Your Investors Don’t Want To Fire You

By Brett Fox | November 11, 2020

I know you may not want to believe it, but your investors don’t want to fire you, so they can replace you with another CEO. Really. It’s true. I’ll explain why it is absolutely in your investors best interest to support you in this short video. I hope you like it.   Read The Video…

Why Your 51% Ownership Guarantees You Nothing

By Brett Fox | November 10, 2020

You know the scene in The Social Network where Eduardo meets with Peter Theil’s attorney for the first time. The attorney casually mentions that Mark’s equity will be over 50% ownership, and Eduardo, sagely, says, “That’s good because Mark needs to be protected?” Yeah, that scene. [Do you want to grow your business? Maybe I…

How You Should Think About Employee Compensation

By Brett Fox | November 9, 2020

“Hi Brett, it’s Carlos. Uh…” “What’s the issue, Carlos?” I asked our HR VP. “You know the salary you wanted to pay your new engineer, Fred? “Bob” (the CEO) wants to reduce it by $20,000.” Do you want to grow your business? Maybe I can help. Click here. “You’ve gotta be kidding,” I said. “I…

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Your Team?

By Brett Fox | November 4, 2020

You’re building your startup, so everyone is expected to work crazy hours, seven days a week, right? Wrong. If you’re not careful with you how you manage your team, you run the risk of burning out your team. In this short video, I’ll teach you how you can avoid this problem. I hope you like…

What Can’t You Screw Up When You’re Just Starting Out?

By Brett Fox | November 3, 2020

“You should give us the authority to spend up to $1,000,” “Randy,” one of my co-founders, said to me at a staff meeting right after we received our initial funding. Then he continued, “And we should each have a company credit card.” [Do you want to grow your business? Maybe I can help. Click here.]…

What Should You Never Do When You Start A Business?

By Brett Fox | November 2, 2020

My wife and I were going through old videos the other day, and we stumbled upon this video of Avery’s fourth birthday party at our house. I invited Nancy and her son Ethan to the party. Nancy used to work for me a couple years before that. [Do you want to grow your business? Maybe…

Why Isn’t Your Revenue Growing If Your Leads Are Growing?

By Brett Fox | October 28, 2020

Read The Video Transcript Below:   Do You Want To Grow Your Business?  Maybe I Can Help.  Click Here.

How Do You Build Credibility When You’re Raising Money?

By Brett Fox | October 27, 2020

“What you did was incredible,” the associate at the venture capital firm, “Donald Ventures,” said to me. “I’ve never seen anyone handle ‘Raul’ like that.” We were walking out of a diligence meeting at DV’s office on Sand Hill Road. This meeting was the last meeting we would have with Raul’s fund before they gave…