Your Investors Don’t Want To Fire You

I know you may not want to believe it, but your investors don't want to fire you, so they can replace you with another CEO. Really. It's true.

I'll explain why it is absolutely in your investors best interest to support you in this short video. I hope you like it.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


I have a big surprise for you. Contrary to popular belief, your investors do not want to fire you. They don't, it just is not at all in their best interest. And I'll explain why.

And this is why you do not have to worry about owning 50% of the company or more, or any of these crazy things, ownership, rights, all of this stuff. It just does not make sense. So, let me explain why, from your investors perspective, you do not have to worry, but I'll explain what you do need to worry about with investors as well.

So here's why you don't need to worry: the odds of your company failing go way up when you fire the CEO, especially a founding CEO. There is inherent knowledge that you have that nobody else in the world has, but you,. The last thing in the world an investor wants to do is to fire you.

Now, why will they fire you? It's because you're not executing your plan. That's what you need to worry about. So focus on executing your plan. That's the bigger issue.

And let me put a caveat on this. What do you need to worry about when you deal with investors? Well, you need to deal with this. You need to worry about this is the quality of the investor that you're dealing with. And this doesn't mean bringing in a tier one investor is going to save the day for you. That's not it.

It's the person you're working with. Are they honest with you? Are they forthright with you? Do you like working with them? What is it like working with them before you signed the term sheet? Are they fair with you? Are they honest with you? Do they mislead you? Because, what you don't want to have happen is a problem investor because a problem investor will kill you.

And it won't matter what your ownership rights are. You will not survive. So you want to stay away from that. But having said tha,t it's not in your best interest at all. And it's certainly not in an investor's best interest at all to fire you. They don't want to do it.

You don't want it. They don't want it. Nobody wants it. They want you to succeed. They really truly do because, what are they after? They want to make a big return on the investment. And the odds go way down if they fire you. I'm [email protected]. Have a great, great day.


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