What Are A CEO’s Top Priorities?

The first CEO job I ever interviewed for, the recruiter said to me, “As CEO you recruit, recruit, recruit, and you sell, sell, sell.”

I didn’t get the job.

Then, I started my own company and became CEO. And what did I do?

Recruit, recruit, recruit, and sell, sell, sell.

Recruiting and selling were always a constant. But I had different priorities at each stage:

A.  Pre-funding. My biggest priorities were raising money, modifying our pitch/plan, keeping the team together, and recruiting more potential employees.

B.  Post-funding, but pre-product. My biggest priorities were developing our products, managing our money well, and recruiting more employees.

C.  Once we had product in the marketplace.  My biggest priorities were selling our products, developing more products, extending our cash as long as possible, and recruiting more employees.

Then we needed more money. And the cycle started over again.

So, the recruiter was pretty accurate. As CEO, you recruit, recruit, recruit, and you sell, sell, sell. And you manage your money very, very, well.

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