The Right Way To Get The Lean Startup To Work

The concept of the lean startup has really always been part of the startup vocabulary.  Long before it was made popular and the book was written, many entrepreneurs were following the basic concepts of the lean startup.

The concept is simple and logical to follow:

Essentially, you just:  Develop the simplest version of your product that you can think of, your MVP. 

Then, listen to what the market is telling you and gather feedback.

Then make whatever adjustments you need to make to your MVP for the next version of the product based on market feedback. 

The problem is the lean startup model doesn’t work.  It’s not going to solve your problems.

In today’s video, I’ll explain the flaws with the lean startup model and MVPs, and I’ll explain the right way for you to use the lean startup concepts.  I hope you like it.


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