The One Surefire Way To Make Your Pitch Standout

There's a lot of well-meaning information out there about how to craft a great pitch deck. A lot of the information is good, and some of the information falls short.

But there's one thing I haven't seen addressed. Yet, this one piece of advice could be the difference between success and failure when you're pitching.

What is this one piece of advice? I'll explain exactly what this advice is and why it's so important in this short video.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


As many of you know, I'm teaching a class called Zero to Pitch and it's all about how you pitch investors and how you go about defining your pitch deck and getting it right. And we recently had the first of two pitch days where the people that are going through the course would essentially go through their pitch to me.

And in this one we just wanted to go through the first slide, which is the most important slide when you're pitching to anybody, anything because you have this limited amount of time and to get your message across. And I was watching each of the people go through their pitches and they were following what I was telling them to do, but they were all falling short.

Now, why was this? What were they doing and what do they need to do? And then one person did it right and this one person made it so personal what he was doing and what he was talking about that you just got transfixed by the message. And you immediately were drawn in, you know, to what he was saying because he made the story personal.

And this is what I want to encourage all of you to do when you're either pitching a customer, pitching a potential investor, pitching a potential employee,. Make it personal.

Seriously. The more personal the story gets, the more people are going to be interested in the story. Find a hook. Make it personal somehow, some way. If you can't make it personal about you, make it personal about the mission you're on. If you can't make it personal about what the mission that you're on is, make it personal about what your customer's mission is.

Something that gets beyond the, "here's what I do and here's how we're different,." And you know all that kind of stuff, which is fine, but there needs to be more.. The more personal you make it, the more likely you're going to be to have success and to get people excited about your business and about what you're doing.

That's the difference. So speak from the heart. Make it personal, and you're likely to see huge success. The next time you pitch an investor, a customer, a client, or a potential employee, let me know how it goes. I'm Brett at Have a great, great day.


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