Why Your Non Technical CEO Should Be Involved In Engineering

I’m sorry, but I think you’re making a horrible mistake.

Your CEO not only is justified in getting involved in the technical matters, your CEO, regardless of his technical background, should be getting involved in technical matters.

More importantly, you should be welcoming your CEO’s involvement in technical matters, not trying to subvert it.

Yes, I get the fact that you’re the CTO or VP Engineering. And yes, I get the fact that your technical expertise dwarfs your CEO’s.

And to that I say, “So what. It’s your job to work with your CEO. It’s your job to explain the technology to the CEO, answer the CEO’s questions and make sure you and your CEO are on the same page.”

You are walking into no mans land if you try and push back against your CEO’s involvement.

I would be pissed if the VP Engineering or CTO told me that I shouldn’t get involved in technical matters because I’m not as strong technically. And the harder you push, the more I would push back.

The point is you will lose, and potentially lose big time, if you push to keep your CEO out of the technology side of your business.

Remember that your CEO has to understand, evangelize, and defend the technology strategy to various groups. This includes your customers, potential new employees, and your investors.

Telling your CEO to not be involved in the technology decision making keeps your CEO from doing his job.

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