When Should You Hire Interns To Develop Your MVP?

As the great business philosopher John McEnroe said, “You cannot be serious!”


You want to hire interns instead of experts? Come on! You cannot be serious!

Okay. Let’s go through with the pros and cons of hiring interns instead of experts.

The Pros of hiring interns as engineers:

The Pros of hiring expert engineers. I’ll just give you five:

A. Experts will provide a better quality of work.

Experience does matter. You want to produce the best product possible, don’t you?

Well you’re going to want experienced engineers to develop those products. I can’t even fathom starting my company with interns even if they were going for their masters or PhDs.

Your learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from school. In fact, engineers keep getting better for many years. And getting better means…

B. Your project will be completed quicker with experienced engineers.

Experienced engineers know how long a project is going to take to get done. You’ll get an accurate assessment of how long your project will take (if you know how to manage engineers), and you’ll be able to get the project done quicker with your experienced team.

Why quicker? Experienced engineers know what they’re doing. They will not make the inexperienced mistakes your interns will.

So your experienced team will quickly produce a better quality product. And this will lead to…

C. More of product market fit.

The best engineers I’ve worked with are the ones that are not only technically brilliant, they have a great “feel” for the market. You are on your way to something special when you combine expertise with an ability to design what customers truly want.

Now you have a great product that’s gotten to market on time. One other benefit of having your expert team is…

D. Less quality issues.

There’s nothing worse then releasing a product and having your customers find bugs and problems with the product. Now experienced aren’t immune to having problems with their products, but interns aren’t going know how to prevent problems from happening.

So, the more you ship, the more problems get discovered. Now you find yourself having to hire the experts you should have hired in the first place to fix your product. How’s that for irony.

All of this will lead to…

E. Lower costs.

Yes, that’s right. You’ll have lower costs with an expert team.

I know you were thinking that interns will save you money. They will not save you money.

Yes, interns will sure look good on paper. Your spreadsheet will sing with those interns.

Then reality hits.

Your product is late.

Your product doesn’t work right.

Customers aren’t buying because it doesn’t work right and because your product is late to market.

It’s a bummer, isn’t it?

Experience does matter. Hire experienced people to get your product done.

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