What One Steve Jobs Decision Shouldn’t You Make?

There's no denying Steve Jobs genius. He was maybe the most brilliant combination of product definer and marketer ever.

But even Jobs made his share of mistakes. And the one I'm going to point out in this short video is one you absolutely, positively don't want to make.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


How much money shoud you spend on your logo is a really interesting question, because your logo kind of describes your company a little bit. So,, it's an interesting one to ponder.

So let's start with what Steve jobs did years ago with his second company, Next. I don't know whether you're familiar with the story of Next, and I'm not going to tell it here, but there is a wonderful video, which you can find if you Google Steve Jobs Next. Starting something like that, you'll be able to find it pretty easily.

And it's all about Jobs and his team and what they did. And some of it's really cool. I could talk about scrounging, which I think is really important for a startup to do is how do you get things for free. But one of the things that Jobs is most excited about in this video was this hundred thousand dollar logo that he had designed for Next Computer and what the logo is beautiful.

It was wonderful, but of all the things to spend money on? Come on, Steve. I love you. I think you're great. And you know what? Even Steve Jobs, the magical Steve Jobs, made mistakes. And this was one of them. He gave in to something he didn't need.

He gave into his vanity. I had our logo designed for free by a friend who was a graphic designer. You could go on Upwork today and get your logo designed for probably a hundred bucks or something like that.

You don't need to spend a ton of money on a logo. Don't spend a ton of money on a logo, please. It's not worth it. There's so many better things to spend your money on then a logo.

So come on, man, you can do better than this. Spend your money on what's important. Be appropriately frugal with your money. That's how you win in the long run. Spend money on what's important and the other stuff, save. And a logo? Nobody buys your product, your service because of your logo. I guarantee it. I'm Brett at Brettjfox.com have a great, great day.


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