What Is The Coolest Thing About Starting Your Company?

There are many cool things about starting a company. But there's one thing that tops them all by a huge amount.

What is this one thing and why is this one thing so much better than anything else? Watch this short video to hear my take.


View The Video Above Or Read The Transcript Below:


You know what, one of the most cool things in the world is when you start a company? It's when people decide to join you in your pursuit, and are just as excited as you about what they're doing.

And as you're building your team up and you're looking around the room and you see, my goodness, look at all the really smart people we have in this business. That's really cool. That's one of the most exciting things about starting up your own business.

So let me give you kind of my hit parade of things that are super exciting because there's not just one thing. It's many things. So it's obviously:


Getting a group of founders together. That's pretty cool.


Getting people to give you money. That's an incredible rush.


Especially if you're raising venture capital at the beginning and you get people to write you a sizeable check of millions and millions of dollars like we did. That's an unbelievable feeling when that check comes in the door. You know what a validation of you and your team that you guys are onto something.

You know when people write you a big check, that's pretty cool, but it gets better.

It gets better when you see your team execute and start building what you set out to build.


And then it gets even better when you see that actually the product works and the service does what you said it would do. That's pretty cool.


But you know what tops at all? The Creme de la Creme, the pinnacle of it all when you're starting a company is when orders start coming in.


And I remember our first order like it was yesterday and it was all of I think like 10 or $11. That was it. But the idea that somebody bought our product, what a cool feeling that was. And then watching the orders start multiplying in size, watching the speed of the orders increasing, the number of customers increased month by month by month.

Watching that growth chart go like this right up into the right. That was an unbelievable feeling.

You know, watching that, I could not believe it. It was so cool watching our business grow, watching everything that we said that was going to happen happen. There's no feeling like it.

That's the best feeling about starting your own company is watching everything culminate in the business growing and it continuing to grow and continuing to multiply. I'm [email protected]. Have a great, great day.


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