What Do You When You’re Stuck As A CEO?

I’ve been stuck more times than I can count. Sometimes, I get thrown for a loop like the time an investor pulled his support for our company at the worst time imaginable.


Then, there was the time we lost a $1M deal. The customer had committed to using us, we had already started building the inventory, and then, just before production was going to start, they pulled the plug.


Sometimes, I would get so frustrated that I felt like the Tasmanian Devil on Bugs Bunny. A bundle of energy just digging up dirt.


Then, I’d calm down.

I’d go for a walk, and I’d reflect on the problem:

“Maybe I could do this?”

“Maybe I could do that?”

Then, I’d socialize the problem with (depending upon the problem):

  • A key executive, or...
  • A board member, or...
  • My wife, or...
  • My mentor

The key thing to remember is that you don’t have to solve every problem on your own. You have resources to help you. It’s not a sign of weakness to get help, it’s a sign of strength.

In fact, I believe to succeed you got to learn to ask for help. Do it early. Do it often.

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