What Do You Think Will Change Because Of COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been around long enough to see some trends emerging.  Depending upon the business you're in, you could be crushing it right now due to COVID-19, or your business could be deep trouble due to COVID-19.

In this short video, I'll explain what the trends are that are leading to these results. And, I'll explain how you can take advantage of these changes. I hope you like it.


Read The Video Transcript Below:

Okay, so we are going through a crazy time right now as everybody knows. And one of the questions I get asked a lot is what trends do you see happening out there? What do you think is going to change because of what's happening?

And first let me give you just a disclaimer here. A prognostication is not one of my fortes. But, having said that, there are some things that we can look at, and there are some things that we can realize are going on. And here's the thing that I would look at if I was in your shoes.

I can see this from the people I'm working with on a one on one basis right now. I can see this exact thing happening is the trend that we've seen of what I'm going to call the internetization of the world is continuing to happen and it is accelerating.

So look at trends that are already going on and are accelerating. That's the thing to look at. So, for example, the businesses that I'm working with that are very online focused already, they are either doing well to crushing it right now their businesses are up. The businesses that I work at, which are brick and mortar, those businesses aren't doing as well.

So that gives you kind of an idea of the spectrum. Brick and mortar, not doing well. Businesses that are focused more on selling through the internet are doing quite well.

What are some other trends that we're seeing? We're also seeing the hollowing out of sales forces worldwide. I think this is a continuing trend that's been going on for 25 years now, at least if not longer, because again of what? The internet.

Salespeople are not as necessary as they used to be in the past. And now with the internet, what's happening? Well, and not with the internet so to speak, but with COVID-19 what's happening? A lot of people are losing their jobs because guess what? You can sell online and the experience is, okay.

Look, people are buying cars online. Can you imagine that years ago, and yet that's what's happening. Brand new cars.

So what does it say? Salespeople aren't as necessary as they used to be. So that's happening. So the hollowing out of organizations is continuing and accelerating.

So those are my two things. I don't know whether that helps you or not, but that's what I see going on is these two things. Again, number one, the internetization of business, meaning the more online you are the better. The more you can sell online, the better. And the hollowing out of Salesforces. Those are the two trends that I would look at and see if you can take advantage of those. I'm Brett. Brett at brettjfox.com. Have a great, great day.


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