Should You Build Your Core Team Or Your MVP First?

Why do you have to choose between building your core team first or building your first product?

You’re likely going to need a team of some sort to build your first product, or where is the barrier to entry? Now, I’m not saying build a team of 50 people. I am saying that you are going to need a small team that’s really, really good to build your first product.

That small team could just be you and your cofounder. Or that small team might be five or six engineers.

The key is asking yourself, “What’s the smallest team I need to build a product that is at least 10X better than what’s out there.”

That’s right. 10X better because:

  • You’re not in the game if you’re not 10X better, and…
  • You’re not going to break through the market noise unless you’re 10X better. And, most importantly…
  • You’re not going to get any customers unless you’re 10X better.

The mistake I’ve seen repeated over and over again is startups introducing an “MVP” into the market without any differentiation.

You can’t let this happen, or you’re wasting your time. Your first product will not sell, and you likely will not gain any useful feedback.

All you will have done is wasted precious time. And time is something you can’t get back when you’re starting a company.

So think about the skills you’re going to need to make your first product at least 10X better than the competition.

Then find the minimum viable team that has these skills. That’s your core team. And that’s what you’re going to need to develop a successful first product.

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