Should A Startup Fire An Underperforming Intern?

Let’s be honest.

The amount of money you are going to save over the next month by firing him isn’t the issue. The real issue is a lot more important.

Remember, everything you do as CEO is analyzed (and overanalyzed) by your employees:

  • Why did you come into work later than usual today?
  • Why did say what you said at the last company meeting?
  • Why did you change the snacks in the lunch room?
  • And why did you fire the intern?

Now, we’re talking about one intern, but your team is going to ask, “Why did the CEO fire the intern?”

And your team is going to come to whatever conclusion they come to. And one of their conclusions might be, “Who fires an intern? That’s really low.”

Or, your team might think, “They’ve given no guidance to the intern. What did they expect?”

I’d spend more time with the intern in his last month with you. Try and help him. Teach him and guide him. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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