Is It Worth Starting A Company When You’ve Just Graduated College?

My Dad gave me some great advice when I was graduating college. He told me to take my chances when I was young.

And, as I fast-forward ahead ten years to when my daughter will be graduating college, I wonder what I would say to Avery if she told me she wanted to start a company.

I think I would say something like this:


You know I love you and I believe in you. I’m going to give you the same advice Grandpa gave me when I was graduating college.

Grandpa’s advice was, ‘take your chances while you’re young.’ And Grandpa is right because you have many years to recover if you fail.

Plus you don’t have many of the responsibilities you have when you get older. You don’t have a mortgage to pay, and you don’t have kids.

That being said, you know I founded a company years ago. And you and I have talked about how hard that was.

You have to be honest with yourself. Are you ready to put in the next seven to ten years of your life grinding away with the knowledge you will likely fail?

That’s the question you need to answer. I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just trying to emotionally prepare you for what’s ahead.

I believe in you, and I want you to fulfill you dreams. I’ll be there every step of the way supporting you whatever you decide.

I love you,


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