How You Can Keep Your Family And Be A Success

Supposedly, in order to be a successful startup CEO, "they" tell you that you have to give up everything, including your family, and be 100% devoted to your startup. I am here to tell you that "they" are wrong. And who are "they" anyways? But that's a different story.

Yes, you do need to make adjustments to your life, but that doesn't mean you can't have a wonderful time with your family too. I'll explain how in this short video.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


So do you really have to sacrifice your family to be a successful entrepreneur? Oh boy. I hope not. And in fact, not only do I hope not, I know not. You do not have to sacrifice your family. That is a myth. And I want to break that myth for you today because you have to ask yourself a question.

If it was really that important that you succeed. And at the end of it, at the end of the rainbow, you have all this money and you have no one to share it with. Is it really worth it? Was success really worth it? And by the way, what is success?

So no, you don't have to. And that's not success. Now here's the deal. Are you going to work hard to succeed as a startup CEO? Absolutely.

Does it mean that there are times when you're going to have to sacrifice various things, various functions, vacations, et cetera? Yeah, I can tell you that from personal experience,. There may be that one week vacation, which magically for you turns into a two day vacation.

I've had those where I had to fly overnight. Met my family for a day. Spend a day with them, and then flew home. And the overnight, you know it sucks, but what are you going to do? That's part of it.

Are you going to be thinking 24 by 7 about your startup and about what's going on and about all the things and the changes and everything else that you need to do? Yeah, absolutely. But that doesn't mean you can't go and see your daughter perform in the school play like I did. It doesn't mean you can't see your daughter perform and play piano like I have. It doesn't mean that you can't see your wife and you can't have dinner with your wife and maybe you can't even have a little alone time with her and some vacations too with your significant other.

It doesn't mean you can't do all those things. You can and you should because balance is important. Don't let anybody tell you that you should be so wedded to your company. That's all there is is your company, because I am telling you, you will fail. You'll fail at life, and you'll fail in business too. Remember that. I'm [email protected] have a great, great day.

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