How Do You Pitch to Customers In One Slide?

Someone recently asked me a really good question, "What's the difference between pitching investors and pitching customers?" He had just read my really popular post titled, "How To Successfully Pitch Your Business In One Slide?"

In this short video, I'll explain exactly how you should pitch customers compared to pitching investors.

Read The Video Transcript Below:


I got a really good question the other day about pitching your business in one slide. The person was reading an article I wrote about this and he asked me, he said, "Look, I'm not interested in pitching my business in one slide. I'm interested in how do I present my business to prospective customers in one slide? What's the difference?"

And I thought about this for a minute or two, and the answer is there really isn't much difference because with any audience in today's world, you don't have the luxury of slowly winding up your audience and slowly building to a conclusion. You have this instantaneous moment where people are focused on you and what you're doing. And in that instantaneous moment, boom, that's when you have to get your message across.

So you have this, if you believe some of the studies that are out there, maybe seven, eight seconds to get your message across. Now, what should that message be?

What the beginning, let me give you the simplistic way of pitching. It doesn't matter whether you're pitching investors, pitching employees, or pitching prospective customers. Here's what you do.

It's a three step three step process. Okay? Step number one, tell them what you're going to say. Step number two, say it, and step number three, say it again.

So in step number one, telling them what you're going to say, that's your summary. That's where you hook them. You don't have to go into complete depth about your company, about what you're selling or anything else. You have to give them enough there to get them excited to get to the meat of the presentation. So in that first instance, you have to tell them two things. What is it that you're selling and why is it so much better or so unique that customers can't live without it?

That's it. Now in part two, remember the process, tell them what you're going to say. Say it and then say it again. Now in the say it part, we expand on this. We give them more detail about why and how we achieve this so that we've already gotten them hooked because they're saying, "Wow, this is something I want in that first slide."

You've hooked them or you haven't. It's so hard afterwards to get people to believe in what you're saying. But now in part two, we go through the depth and the detail and we expand.

We show people how it works, we give them more detail about us, why we're the right people to be doing this. We tell them more about the company so the people believe that they want to work with us. And then what's the say it again? It's the conclusion.

That's what you do. But it's that first part. That's the one slide part about selling to prospective customers. It's tell them again, here we go. I'm doing kind of the same thing right here. It's you tell them what it is that you're selling, so it's crystal clear.

It's not ambiguous at all and you tell them why you're better or why you're unique instantly. So people can understand that. Or there's another option, the problem/solution option.

You tell them what the problem is that you're solving, but customers probably already know that because they have this problem. You say, here's our solution. Then you go into detail about this. Those are your options. I'm Have a great, great day.


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