How Do You Overcome Investor Objections In One Slide?

Every VC or customer, or potential employee you ever meet with has reasons why they say no to the deal, no to closing the sale, or no to signing up to work with you.  The question is how do you overcome these objectives to close?

In today’s short video, I’m going to show you how to overcome these objections in one slide. I hope you like it.


Read The Video Transcript Below:

How do you overcome investor objections in one slide? Every single investor, you meet, every single customer you meet, every single person you meet will always have objections to what you do. They'll always be reasons why they don't want to invest in your company, why they don't want to buy your product. And in today's video, I'm going to teach you how to overcome these objections in one slide,.

Plus stick around till the end of the video, because I'm going to have a free tool for you to help with your pitches and presentations.

Hi, I'm Brett Fox. I've built several businesses from zero to over $100 million in revenue, and I've helped startup CEOs like you raise rounds of funding between $50,000 and $50 million. Plus I raised myself over a hundred million dollars in venture capital, and private equity funding. So let's go.

So how do you solve this problem? What do you do? Because every single investor that you meet is always going to have objections. There's always going to be a reason why they don't want to invest in your company. And here's the way most people solve this problem.

This is what you shouldn't do. What most people do is they just ignore the problem. They do nothing. They just assume, you know what? If it doesn't come up in the meeting, it must not be an issue because they haven't asked me about it. Therefore, I'm good and I don't have to worry about it.

But guess what? The objection remains whether an investor brings it up or not. So here's how you solve that problem. Here's the way you do it.

You have a slide, one slide in your presentation, and it says this why you shouldn't invest in our company. That's it. Now, this is a really scary thing I don't want to mislead you.

It's really scary to say, "here's the reasons why you shouldn't invest in us." Here are the reasons why you shouldn't buy from us.." And you're thinking, "what is this guy, nuts? He's telling us to do this!"

But think about it. Savvy investors already have reasons written out why they shouldn't invest in your company. So why not meet them head on. List out the reasons, every single one of them that you can think of about why they shouldn't invest, why they shouldn't buy from you because they already have these thought processes.

And now you can deal with it on your terms, not their terms, but your terms. Here's why this works. I'm going to give you three reasons.

The first is that investors, as I said, they already have objections. So by listing the objections, you're explaining the objections on your terms, not their terms. It's always better to shape the story in the way that you see it. That works.

The second reason that this works is you're building tremendous credibility by doing this. You're adding a huge amount of credibility because you're showing people that you're unafraid, you're explaining to people, Hey, here's, what's going on. I know the objections you have. Let me explain how we're dealing with these objections. So now you can show what you're doing.

Then finally, number three. It allows you to address these concerns real time. Face-to-face right. When you're in front of an investor or a customer, it's much better to solve the problem and answer the questions there rather than later, you keep the momentum of the meeting going. You keep all the inertia moving in your direction. This allows you to close the deal right there, right? Face-to-face that's why this works.

So give it a go. I know it's scary, but try this thing that I'm talking about. Add that one slide, why you shouldn't invest in us, and see if it works for you.

So now, as I said, I want to introduce you to a free tool that I've developed for you to help with your pitch. It's a free pitch deck template. It has all the slides you need for your pitch, including the slide that iIt was telling you about today, about why you shouldn't invest in our company has that in there as well.

All you need to do is click the link below this video. I believe it's below might be above that. I believe it's below, below this video today and it's yours. I'm Brett at Have a great, great day. I've enjoyed speaking with you. Bye.

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