How Can You Tell If You’re A True Leader?

Leadership is a tricky thing. You can have your team following you, and then you can lose them, forever, in an instant.

In this short video, I'll explain the one thing you'll need to do if you want your team to follow you. I hope you like it.

Read The Video Transcript Below:


It's really tough being the startup CEO. Isn't it? Because it's so tempting to try and take credit for everything that goes on.

But guess what? You never have to worry about that because you'll always get the credit. That's not the issue. It's who takes the blame. That's the issue.

And guess what? If all falls on you. And if you try and make it about your team, rather than you, it will blow up in your face.

So let me give you a quick story about this, about the difference between being motivated and being not motivated when you're an employee. So two CEOs, two different methodologies. The first CEO I worked for named Jack, a very motivating guy, tough guy, to work for, and a demanding guy to work for, but he gave the credit to his team always and consistently.

The second CEO, this fellow named Bob, it was "my," and "I," and "how am I doing?" "How is my division doing?" "How is my that doing?" And it was all about Bob. It was really de-motivating to work for Bob. Nobody wanted to work for that guy. It was just painful, you know, quite frankly, to work for Bob.

So what should you do if you're worried, you're not going to get the credit. First of all, don't worry about it. As I said, at the beginning, by definition, you'll get all the credit because you're the CEO.

If you've ever listened to an earnings call from any public company, what are you hearing during the earnings call? If they have a good quarter, "congratulations CEO, you had a great quarter." Do you ever hear, "Hey, congratulate your team on the great quarter?"

Of course not. The CEO gets all the praise. It doesn't matter because the CEO is the leader. So by definition, if your team does great, you do great.

So why not spread a little love around? Why not praise your team? Why not keep them motivated? Why not congratulate them? Give them all the credit, because guess what? You'll never have to worry about it. You'll get it by definition.

And you take all the blame, take it all on you. That's what good CEOs do. That doesn't mean your team's not responsible. That doesn't mean you're not going to take actio if your team doesn't do the right things.

On the contrary, you will. However, to the outside world, it's all on you. Any failures are all on you. If you take this little strategy that I'm suggesting, your team will be motivated, your board will be happy. And guess what? Your company will do better. I'm [email protected]. Have a great, great day.


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