Why Your High IQ Isn’t A Guarantee Of Success

I used to think that all successful CEOs Were Really Smart. And many successful CEOs are really smart.

However, IQ isn't a guarantee of success. In fact, there's another personal trait that's a lot more important than IQ.

I'll explain what that is in today's short video.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


Have you ever wondered whether you need to be a super genius to start a company and more importantly than start a company to be successful running that company? What a bunch of crap.

You don't need to be a super genius to start a company. Let me give you an example of that on the reverse end. There was a fellow that I worked with years ago and his name is Harry, or at least we're going to call him area for the sake of the story.

Harry was a genius. No question about it. He had a phd in engineering, and an MBA. He was brilliant, but he was so brilliant that he complicated everything he touched beyond belief.

It was unbelievable working with him. And you know what happened with his success? There wasn't success. It was mostly middling. I don't want to call it failure, but it was not really success either.

And one day Harry had the brilliant idea. "You know what? I've had enough of being an engineer. I want to start my own company."

Harry started his own company. And you know what happened with Harry's company?

Complete abject failure.


You know what's more important than having a super high IQ? Let me tell you, it's having a Super High EQ, your empathy quotient.


In other words, how do you get along with people? How do you communicate with people? How do you deal with people?

Because what you'll find as you run your business and you grow your business, it's the personal interactions you have with people that are likely going to determine your success or failure much more than your raw Iq. If you have a good idea and you're pointed in the right direction, it's going to be:

Can you build a team of people around you?

Can you execute?

Can you work with customers?

Can you convince customers that you have something that's exciting?

Can you get customers to sign on the bottom line and buy your product or your service?

And you know what that requires? Empathy.

Empathy for your customers. Empathy for your business partners. Empathy all the way around. And if you don't have empathy, it's really hard to be successful and run a company. I'm Brett at www.brettjfox.com.Have a great, great day. Thank you.


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