What Are Two Key Reasons You Are Not Closing More Deals?

There are two simple steps you can take to dramatically increase you're winning deals. The good news is these two steps are EASY to implement.

I'll show you what these two steps are in this short video.

Read The Video Transcript Below:


There are two things that I've seen in my career in business kill more details and caused people to lose more details than anything else. And those two things are simple and obvious to correct and here they are:


The first one is you have to find the real decision maker in the process.


When you identify a deal and you're talking to somebody, that person may or may not be the true decision maker. You as the salesperson, or the CEO, or the manager of the process. You need to identify that person.

Let me give you an example of this. I was working with an entrepreneur. In fact, I'm still working with this particular entrepreneur. He had a big deal that he had been managing for months and it was just about to close, and he lost it at the last second. And the reason why he lost it was because he had identified the wrong person in the process, and he didn't ask the right questions.

He wasn't paying attention to the details the way he needed to, so he missed it and he lost a big deal.



That would have really helped his company. But the good news is he learned from it.

He figured it out, and now the next time he's going to do it right. Now let me explain the second thing that's just as big if not a bigger deal killer. And here it is:

Pay attention to the details and manage the details.


You will find that in your sales funnel, whatever it is, from identifying an opportunity to talking to the customer, to giving the customer collateral, all the various steps along the way. Every single step is a potential for success and a potential for failure.


And really good salespeople have a process for managing the details and they don't let things slip through the cracks.


More deals are lost this way than probably any other thing that I've seen.

And it's just as simple as you can do this with a crm tool. You can do it with an Excel spreadsheet, or a google spreadsheet. You can do it with a sheet of paper.

But if every step of detail you have an owner for the step, and you have a due date, and you manage to those due dates all along the way, I can almost guarantee you that your rate of success is going to go way, way up.

I've seen this in my own career and I've seen this with just about every single person that I've worked with, so do these two things. Identify the decision maker and manage the details and you'll see huge success with your sales process.

I'm Brett at www.brettjfox.com. Have a great, great day. Thanks a lot.

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