What Are Three Skills You Need To Be A Great Leader?

Leadership is surprisingly easy when you use the right skills. What are these skills?

I'll reveal these leadership skills in this short video.


Watch the video above or read the transcript below:


Do you need to be a great leader to run a successful company? What do you think?

The one word answer is of course you need to be a great leader to run a successful company.

It's very difficult to get people to follow you if you're not a good leader because what's going to happen when they start realizing you're not a good leader? They're going to leave. It's that simple.

So yeah, you need to be a really good leader to be successful and to run a business. So what do you do to improve your leadership skills?

Well, let me start with probably the most overlooked thing. That's empathy.

You need to listen well. You need to hear the concerns of your employees and your team, and then you need to react to those concerns.

You can't just lead by decree anymore. You have to, number one, have empathy.

Probably the number two and most successful thing that all successful leaders do. They surround themselves with really good people.

Try and run a business with mediocre people and you'll see what I mean. It's like getting stuck in quicksand. It takes so long to get things done because you're constantly correcting people.

You're constantly telling them to change from this to that. You're having to micromanage more than revenue, spend too much of your time on what they're doing and not what you should be doing,

So those are the two secrets to being a successful leader, It's you have to be able to recruit and hire really good people. And then ,when you bring those people on, you have to have empathy and understanding.

And I'll add a third. Create a great culture and a great environment for your team, for your people to be in so that they can thrive.


If you do those three things well, have empathy, recruit well, have a great culture. You're likely to be a pretty darn good leader. I'm Brett at brettjfox.com. Have a great, great day.


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