What Are The Four Reasons You Shouldn’t Hire Someone?

You likely have some sort of criteria for the people you hire. So you should have a criteria for not hiring people too.

The surprising thing I've learned is that a lot of CEOs don't have a criteria for not hiring people. You don't want to be one of those people. In this short video, I'll give you a simple four step check list, so you don't make any hiring mistakes.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


Okay. Why shouldn't you hire somebody when you're interviewing them for your team, when you're building your company? Well, it's kind of the anti of why you should hire somebody, so let's go through them.

Let's start with the most important one of all. If you're interviewing somebody and you determine that they do not have integrity pass, instant pass. There is no way on earth that you should hire that person. Period. End of story.

You cannot go forward because that person is not going to work out. Okay? What would be the second reason you shouldn't hire somebody for your team?

Well, if they're not passionate about what you do. If you're explaining your vision of the company and you've done a good job of explaining your vision and you can tell because you've been able to hire people in the past and you can just see it in the person's eyes. They're looking at this as just a job, not a passion, then you know what? They're not right either. Especially for an early stage company.

People have to have passion. They have to be fanatical about what you're doing because they're going to be tough times. And that's what keeps everybody together is the belief in the vision.

Number three, they're not smart. And what I mean by smart is that they're not good at what they do. So when you're interviewing somebody, and it should be fairly obvious, if that person isn't really good, then why on earth are you considering hiring this person?

The answer is pass. Again, pass and pass quickly. So let's go through our list here. Integrity. You got to have integrity. They don't, they're done. If they're not passionate, they're done. If they're not smart, they're done.

And number four. And this one is critical as well. If they don't fit your company culture. It's not enough to have integrity. It's not enough to be smart. It's not enough to be passionate. They gotta fit because if they don't fit again, it's not going to work.

Now, why is this? Because if somebody doesn't fit your culture, and I'm not talking that they have to be, they have to look like you. They have to sound like you. They have to act like you,. But they have to share enough of the values of the company and the vision of the company to make it work.

Because if they don't, again, it's not going to work out. They're going to leave. So you need an all four of these things to be successful. And conversely, if they're missing any one of the four, let's go through it one more time. If they don't have integrity, if they're not passionate, if they're not smart, and if they don't fit your company culture. Any one of those four is an immediate disqualifier. in my book. Hope this helps. I am Brett at www.brettjfox.com Have a great, great day.


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