How Much Should You Share With Your Significant Other About The Craziness Of Being CEO?

John the boss is very angry. he throws a tantrum

Being an entrepreneur can suck. Being the significant other of an entrepreneur can really suck.

As an entrepreneur, you are living the roller coaster every day. The swings from euphoria to sadness are there every day. Every day you, the entrepreneur, can emotionally prepare yourself for what’s coming.

It’s a whole different story for the significant other of an entrepreneur because the changes can be crazy.

This scenario happened to me more than once. Sunday night my wife asks me how things are going. I told her things were good and everything was moving in the right direction.

During the day, my whole world get turned upside down:

  • The funding fell through, or…
  • That big deal we were chasing didn’t happen at the last second, or…
  • The VP quit with no notice, or…
  • I can’t go on vacation with you because I have to work.

You get the idea. But I had all day to deal with what was happening, so I am already adjusting to the new reality. My wife has no time to adjust.

True story. I got home from work one day, and my wife asks me, “How did things go today?”

“Well, you know that vacation we were planning on?”


“Well, I’m going to have skip most of it. I’ll be able to meet you for the weekend, but I have to be here during the week.”


Now she’s scared and a little pissed I’m sure. She hasn’t had any time to process the information. You have. That’s why being the significant other of an entrepreneur can really suck.

Steady at the wheel

As much as you want to unload all your problems on your spouse, don't.  It's unfair to your spouse.

As I said you've had all day to process what's going on.  Instead, make the great things a little less great, and make the lows a little less low.

Your calm approach will pay dividends with your spouse.  I know my calm approach certainly helped Blossom stay sane.

The key is empathy.

Sure, your significant other said they would support you as you went through your journey, but I doubt they knew the road would be this bumpy. You probably didn’t either.

So be empathetic to your significant other. Really make the effort to understand what they are going through.

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