How Hiring Inexperienced People Can Help Your Team

There's an old adage that, "You should never hire someone without experience" for your startup. The problem with this adage, like many adages, is its wrong!

I'll explain how hiring inexperienced people for your team can be a force multiplier in this short video.


Read The Transcript Below:


Okay, so why should you hire somebody without any experience to your startup? There's an old adage about startups and I don't believe it's true, and the adage goes something like this, "Never hire somebody who doesn't have experience."

I think that's garbage. But, having said that, there are caveats. And obviously this depends upon industry, depends upon your business.

But here's the general rule that I like to follow is if you're building your company and you're starting your company, you should absolutely positively be hiring young, smart people for certain roles.

What are those roles? They're supportive roles. They are not the roles of management. Your management you want that to be more senior, more experienced because those are the people that are going to lead. But you can have your whole engineering staff be young people. That's fine. You can have your sales staff be young people.

That's fine. You can have all of your support people be young.  Because what's the beautiful thing about hiring young smart people is you can mold them.

They will walk through walls for you. And the beautiful thing is they don't have the baggage that all of us old people have.

So when you have somebody who's young and you have somebody who's inexperienced, don't look at that as a problem. Look at that as an opportunity because if that person is smart and they're motivated, they will walk through walls for you in a way that is wonderful for your company.

That's why I love, as one of my key hiring strategies for staff, hiring young, smart people for my team. That's what I love doing. It works for me time and again, because those people are motivated and they do great work. However, for the management, I want to hire more senior people. Hope that clears things up. I am Brett at Have a great, great day.


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