How Do You Manage Meetings Well?

Have you ever been to a meeting with 15 people and only two people are contributing?  I have, and, when you think about about all the money wasted it's maddening.

There's a better way, and I'll teach you how you can make all your meetings productive and valuable in this short video.


Watch the video above or read the transcript below:


All right, here's a dreaded topic that nobody likes talking about, but you really should, especially as you build out your team. And that's how do you manage meetings?

Well, you know, because nobody likes going to meetings and wasting their time and we've all been there before. We go to the meeting. There's small talk, you know, people are joking around, people are wasting your precious time and when you start having a lot of people in the room together, five, six, seven people and you start counting up the dollars that it costs you to have a meeting where you're wasting time.

That's a lot of precious money. That's a lot of precious time is a lot of pressures, brainpower that's wasted.

So how do you run your meetings? Well, what do you do? Well, let me give you some tips.


The first thing is always have an agenda.


Always have a thought process going into the meeting of what you want to accomplish because, if you go into the meeting blind, and it's like, well, what are we doing here? Guess what's going to happen? It's going to be a waste for everybody.

So that that doesn't work. So that's the first thing. The second thing is, now that you have an agenda, make sure you only have people that are going to add value in the meeting.

Have you ever been in a meeting where ther've been like 10 or 15 people in the room and there may be two or three people that are adding all the value in the meeting? I have and that drives you insane.

What are the other eight or nine people doing in the room? They shouldn't be there.


Only invite people that need to be in the meeting that are going to add value.


That's important because you just don't have time to waste. So have an agenda, have the right people in the room and then get on with it. Go from point to point to point

And get done with the meeting.

And if you have an hour alloted for the meeting and you get done in 25 minutes, great. Then tell everybody, you know what? We finished early today. Get on with your work. I'll see you later.

That's how you have good productive meetings, and get done quickly, and keep people excited about going to the meetings.


Oh, and one other final thing. If you can get things done outside of the meeting and it's partially a status meeting, get them done before the meeting.


And encourage your team to get things done before the meeting too because there's nothing worse than people waiting for the meeting to solve problems.

So that's part of how you teach is you create a culture where people understand that yes, they can provide status in the meeting, but get done everything they can out of the meeting. Don't wait for the meeting.

And when you see people waiting for the meeting, call them on it. I'm Brett at Have a great, great day.


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