How Do You Know When To Release Your Killer Product?

I was walking out of the Decathlon Club one Saturday morning. I had just finished my workout.

A beautiful woman drove into the Decathlon Club parking lot, and I thought to myself, “Park your car next to mine.” And she did. Just as I walking to my car.

And that’s how I met my wife.

Sometimes, you just get really lucky and everything falls into place. However, sometimes you’re not so lucky.

Defining and launching killer products is part science and part art:

  • The part science is learning about the market, your customers, and your competitors.
  • The part art is knowing what your customers want before they know it.

It all comes down to how are you going to be 100X better than your competition?

  • That’s what Google did. There were plenty of search engines before Google, but Google’s search engine was 100X (maybe 1000X) better than the closest competitor.
  • That’s what Apple did. My goodness, the iPhone was not even close to being the first cellphone. However, just like with Google, the iPhone was 100X better.

You create perfect timing by blowing away your competitors. Bing might be a better search engine than Google. However Bing might only be incrementally better, so no one cares.

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