How Do You Earn Your Team’s Trust?

I was recently asked by a CEO I know, "How do I get my team to trust me?" Trust isn't given, it's earned over time.

I'll break down a simple technique you can use in today's video.


Read The Video Transcript Below:


I recently got asked the question, why is trust so hard to achieve when you're starting a company? And I immediately answered, it isn't.

And it truly isn't. When you think about trust, trust is very straightforward to get to. All you have to do is be fair, be transparent, and be clear in your communication and you'll gain trust. It isn't that hard.

It's when you don't do those things, and you're unfair and your oblique in your communication. That's when you have problems.


So the secret is pretty simple because remember, trust is earned. It isn't something you're given.


I tell my daughter all the time when she gets frustrated with things. I say to her, "Avery, the world is a neutral place." And by being a neutral place is very similar to the idea of trust. Because if you think about every relationship starts off at a neutral point.  So you can tilt it positive or you can tilt it negative.

And the way you tilt it positive and you earn trust is by being consistent and clear and fair and honest with your communication.


You do that and people will start trusting you. You do the other thing, and believe that you can go from here full on trust. And you can lose it in a heartbeat to being way over here and losing everybody's trust.

That's a pretty easy thing to do. I've seen it happen. I've watched it happen.


So once you earn that trust, you have to keep that trust.  And the way you keep it is you stay on a consistent path.


You stay on that transparent path. You stay honest. You continue being fair.

If you do those things over time, your team will trust you more and more. But just to remember, all it takes is one screw up to lose it all, and then you start all the way back here to try and build it back up again.

Nobody wants to go there. So just be honest, be fair, be transparent, and be consistent and clear in your communication, and you'll have your team trusting you. I'm Brett at Have a great, great day. Thank you.


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