Can You Start A Company With Someone You Barely Know?

I am a firm believer in the nine-month rule when it comes to startups.

What’s the nine-month rule you ask?

The nine-month rule is you need to work together for at least nine-months before you know whether your co-founder relationship has a chance of success.

The first three months are the honeymoon phase.

Everything is good in this phase. Minor issues are glossed over, and everyone is happy and excited. Then…

Between months three and nine is where the conflicts usually happen.

Differences between you and the other founders come up here. And it’s pretty simple because you either resolve these issues, or you will have conflict and trouble for the rest of your time together.

Do not launch anything until you are through this phase. Then…

Launch if you can make it through the first nine months and have a solid relationship with your co-founder(s).

Your relationship with your co-founders should be strong. You know how to resolve conflicts. You can launch your company with reasonable confidence that your co-founders will be in it for the long haul.

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