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Zero to Win, is designed to provide CEOs with the techniques and skills you will need to effectively grow your business.  Zero to Win was developed based on my work successfully coaching CEOs, 1:1, how to grow their businesses.  I will guide you, step by step, slide by slide, so you have an evergreen business plan and strategy that you can follow and believe in to grow your business and win.


When I was growing up, I loved watching the Roadrunner beat Wile E. Coyote every Saturday morning on TV. Wile E. would set a trap for the Roadrunner and somehow, someway the trap would blow up in Wile E. Coyote’s face.


I don’t know about you, but I never wanted to be Wile E. Coyote. I wanted to be the Roadrunner.


The Roadrunner is like a startup CEO. The Roadrunner uses speed to win, just like you have to use speed to win in the startup game. And the Roadrunner always had a plan to outsmart Wile E. Coyote.


You will blow up like Wile E. Coyote did without a business plan.

Imagine this scenario. You’ve just gotten on an airplane. You get into your seat, and you get your seatbelt on.


You hear the Captain start talking. “Good afternoon everyone. Our navigation system isn’t working today, so we’re going to wing it. Enjoy today’s flight.”


A panic ensues on the airplane as everyone, including you, tries to get off the plane at once.

Operating your company without a business plan is like trying to fly an aircraft without a navigation system.


You have no idea where you’re going without a business plan. So, why on earth wouldn’t you spend time developing a simple business plan?


I get it.


I’ve heard the same complaint for years about how business plans are worthless.


I was speaking with an entrepreneur the other day.  I asked “Terry” if he had a plan that he was following.


“I wrote a plan a couple years ago, and I put it in my desk drawer.  I haven’t looked at it since,” he said.


“I’m not surprised,” I responded.  “That’s what most people do with business plans.  What are you doing now?”


“I’m just doing what I think is right,” Terry said.


“How do you know if you can afford to hire a new employee?” I asked.


“I just take my best guess if I can afford him.  But, I’ll be honest, I’m afraid I’ll make the wrong decision.”


Terry was stuck.  He literally didn’t know what he should do.


If any of this fits your experience, don’t worry, you’re like most people.  Better yet, there’s a solution that can help you unstick your business and develop a plan and strategy you’ll actually want to use.  I’ll get back to that later.


For now, let go back to my story of working with Terry.


I told Terry that I could help solve his problem and unstick his business.  And, better yet, I told him that it would be easy to solve his problem.


Terry agreed to follow my advice, even though he was a bit skeptical it would work.


One of the issues Terry was facing was whether he could afford to hire more engineers.  In fact, Terry thought he might have to lay off an engineer because he thought he was losing money.


And that really concerned Terry because laying of an engineer would mean more work for an already overloaded staff.


I suggested to Terry that he complete a simple financial plan because it was impossible to know what to do without one.  He agreed with my advice.


I explained how Terry could quickly develop a plan, and we scheduled a meeting for the next week. I kept my fingers crossed that Terry would follow through.


We spoke a week later, and, before I could say anything, Terry said, “I have to thank you.”


“For what?” I asked.


“The exercise you gave me to complete was eye-opening,” Terry said.  “I feel like a blind man that can finally see what’s going on!


“I was certain I was going to have lay off at least one engineer.  It turns out we’re more profitable than I realized.  I know for certain that I can afford to hire another engineer!”


Terry’s business was now unstuck.  Since that inflection point, Terry’s business has doubled in size, year over year.

That’s the difference developing an evergreen business plan can make for your company.


There have been many others I’ve coached, and I am still coaching, in addition to Terry.


There is Greg.  I started working with Greg early on as well. In Greg’s case, he was bootstrapping his company to start.  Working together, we developed a complete business plan and investor pitch. 


Greg signed his first customers, developed an unbelievably awesome demo and first product, and closed his seed funding.


Then, there’s the case of Craig.  Craig had already completed development of his product, but he needed help with his go to market strategy and his sales strategy.  Plus, Craig couldn’t figure out how to scale his business.


Working with me, Craig came up with a great go to market and sales strategy, securing over $1 million worth of revenue in a six-month time period.  And Craig developed a financial plan that he finally he had confidence in.


I helped them and many others achieve their business goals.

Now I’m making the process I’ve been using and refining for over twenty years available to you.

Introducing Zero to Win.


I created Zero to Win, available as an online course, so you can grow your business confidently.


Zero to Win is based on my experience successfully growing businesses from zero to over $100 million.  And, Zero to Win is based on my experience helping CEOs take their businesses from zero to over $100 million.


Zero to Win is designed to provide you with the techniques and skills you will need to effectively develop an evergreen business plan and strategy that you can use, with confidence, to grow your business.  Each module of Zero to Win builds on the previous module, culminating with you taking all the information you’ve learned in the first five modules of Zero to Win to develop your evergreen business plan.


You’ll learn the right way to develop a business plan and strategy that you’ll actually use.


Building your business should not be complicated.  The challenge is you’ve probably not been exposed to the right tools, strategies, processes, and systems that will make your life as CEO easier.


That’s where Zero to Win comes in.  Here's what you'll learn:


You’ll learn how to research your end market and competitors


Wouldn’t it be nice to understand how big the end market you’re going after really is? And, more important than that, wouldn’t it be nice to understand how you’ll compete and win against your competitors?


If you’ve never developed a true competitive analysis before, it’s hard to grasp just how powerful it can be.  Done the Zero to Win way, it will drive your whole marketing strategy.


You’ll learn how to develop a go to market strategy and business model


One of the mistakes I see CEOs make over and over again is treating their go to market strategy as an afterthought.   There are, at least, 19 different go to market strategies to choose from.


In Zero to Win, I’ll teach you a systematic methodology to determine the right way to figure out which go to market strategy will work for you.



You'll learn how to develop an evergreen business plan and financial plan

The problem with business plans is you write a plan, and then you put it in your desk drawer, never to be used again.  

I’ve solved that problem with Zero to Win

I’ll teach you how to develop an evergreen business plan that virtually guarantees that you will use it and update it on a regular basis. 

Now, you’re no longer blind.  You actually have a plan and a strategy that you can confidently follow.

A young man is opening a file cabinet

Developing your evergreen business plan doesn’t guarantee you success.


It’s true that developing your business plan will not guarantee your company will win. However, developing your business plan gives you the tools and strategies you need to succeed:

  • Now you will know how much money you need to get to cash flow positive, and…
  • Now you will know whether you can afford to hire another employee, and…
  • Now you will know what your costs really are, and…
  • Now you will know how much revenue you need each month to get to break even.


Yes, your evergreen business plan will be not be perfect, but you can easily adjust.

It’s also true that your business plan is going to be less than perfect. Every business plan, even Apple’s business plan, is off.  But, Zero to Win makes updating your plan every month (that’s what I do) simple, so you quickly get an accurate read of the status of your business.

That will help you from getting blown up like Wile E. Coyote.

How you’ll benefit from Zero to Win:


You’ll get the benefit of all my experience building businesses from zero to over $100 million.  Plus you’ll benefit from the work I’ve done helping CEOs like you build their businesses.


I will guide you, step by step, to develop your end market and competitive analysis, your business model and go to market strategy, and your financial plan.  Then you’ll put all this together to develop your evergreen business plan.


After completing Zero to Win, you’ll have a plan and a strategy that you can follow to help you grow your business.


Course details for Zero to Win:


Actionable content that you can immediately use:


I will teach you, section by section, how to put together a killer evergreen business plan and strategy that you can use to grow your business.


Module 1: Determining The Size Of Your End Market

  • You’ll learn two different methodologies to determine how big your end market(s) are
  • You’ll learn how to figure out if your end market is big enough to support your goals
  • You’ll learn how to analyze how big your competitors businesses are
  • You’ll learn how to compare your position in the market to your competitors

Module 2: Your Team

  • You’ll learn how to build your team the right way
  • You’ll learn what the stairstep model for teambuilding is
  • You’ll learn about how you can determine employee salaries
  • You’ll learn the best interview questions you should ask

Module 3: Marketing and Sales

  • You’ll learn how to do detailed market research
  • You’ll learn how to effectively brand your business so it stands out
  • You’ll learn how to correctly price your product or service
  • You’ll learn how to market and sell your product or service

Module 4: Management

  • You’ll learn how to hire people
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of financially managing your company
  • You’ll learn how to develop and create simple tools that give you the visibility you need to effectively run your business

Module 5: Your Financial Plan

  • You’ll learn how to develop your financial plan
  • You’ll learn how to develop the revenue plan for your product
  • You’ll learn how much money you need to get to cash flow positive
  • You’ll learn how long it will take you to get to cash flow positive

Module 6: Your Pitch (Also Known As Your Plan)

  • You’ll learn how to develop your investor pitch and business plan
  • You’ll learn what should be in your pitch deck, and, more importantly, what shouldn’t be in your pitch deck
  • You’ll learn why you need to develop a pitch even if you don’t need to raise money
  • You’ll learn my tips for pitching like a pro



By the end of the program:


  • You will have an awesome evergreen business plan and strategy you believe in
  • You will have a pitch deck that gets customer and investor attention
  • You will know if the end market you are competing in is big enough to support your business goals
  • You will have developed a competitive position that is unique to your business; a key part of long-term busines success
  • You will have a targeted go-to-market strategy that gets you in front of your customers
  • You will have a business model that makes sense
  • You will have an easy to develop financial plan that gives you a clear picture of how your current financial status
  • You will know your break even revenue
  • You will know when you’re going to cash flow positive
  • You will know how much cash you need to get to cash flow positive

 The Resource Center:


Resource #1:  You’ll get expert coaching:


I’ll work with you each on lesson as I present the material.  You can ask me any questions you’d like on the Zero to Win Facebook page or in the weekly Zoom office hours.  Each lesson will build on the previous lesson.



Resource #2:  Practical exercises for you to complete:


At the end of each module, there are exercises for you to complete.  These exercises typically take around one hour per module. 


The exercises are practical, real world exercises that are designed to help you complete your evergreen business plan.  Individually, the exercises will give you great insight into your business. 


Taken together, these exercises combine to form the evergreen business plan you will use to run your business.


Resource #3:  Zoom Office Hours:


Every week, I will have office hours using Zoom.  This was a huge hit with previous Zero to Win students.


You get access to office hours for one year with Zero to Win. By the way, the office hours are one student at a time, and the information shared is confidential.


You can ask me anything you want.  It doesn't have to be about Zero to Win.  


Resource #4:  You’ll be held accountable:


I’m going to hold you accountable to get your work done.  Besides me, you’ll be surrounded by a like-minded group of CEOs that are pushing towards the same goal that you are.


Zero to Win Is Designed To Deliver Results:


The goal of Zero to Win is really simple.  I want you to complete this program with a great evergreen business plan and strategy that you can use to grow your business and win.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Try Zero to Win, risk free, for 30 days.  If you decide, for any reason, that Zero to Win isn’t for you, I’ll give you a complete refund.  All you have to do is show you did the work.


My goal is helping you develop a great evergreen business plan and pitch deck.  If you give it an honest effort, and Zero to Win doesn’t work for, then I haven’t done my job, and I don’t deserve your money.




“Brett presents his courses in a clear, logical and straightforward way. As start-ups, we often look at the world from the bottom up while Brett’s focus is the other perspective; how will others see what we are doing and will they easily understand why. I particularly enjoy the common sense approach with no spin.  Always reliable, eager to help, insightful based on experience, Brett has guided and nurtured participants to understand how to put all the pieces together, and to keep working on it to make it better. Passionate, he truly wants you to succeed. Highly recommended.“  Alex Babauskis

Frequently Asked Questions:


I haven’t validated my business idea yet.  Is Zero to Win right for me?


Yes, Zero to Win will help you validate your business idea.



I’m not located in Silicon Valley.  How do I participate in Zero to Win?  


All you need is an internet connection to participate in Zero to Win.  All of the material is available online.


What if I don’t have much time to spend on Zero to Win right now?


That’s okay, because you have lifetime access to Zero to Win.  All the modules will be available for as long as you want.


How is Zero to Win different from other coaching programs?


The key to Zero to Win is the evergreen business plan you will develop. 

Because of the unique, pitch deck format, you’ll actually want to use, and update, your evergreen pitch deck on a regular basis.  I update my plan monthly.


How many people can enroll in Zero to Win?


Since the course is pre-recorded, and you can access it  online at your own schedule, enrollment in Zero to Win is unlimited. 


Are there Office Hours?


Yes, I have Office Hours on Zoom every week.  And, Office Hours are confidential.  You get one year of access to office hours with Zero to Win. I will send you information on how to sign up for office hours once you sign up for Zero to Win.


Who will teach the material in Zero to Win?


I will teach the material in Zero to Win

Velou was just a flicker of an idea in my head when I first started working with Brett. As I am a first-time founder, his feedback helped me to think through how to build the company from ground-up the right way. He’s always been a strong voice of reason and helped me to get through many obstacles I faced as the CEO and collectively as a company. We now have 1. a solid product that solves a real problem for our customers, 2. an amazing team, and 3. raving customers. A lot of our success can directly be attributed to key decisions made based on fantastic guidance from Brett. Thanks, Brett!

Sadee Gamhewa, Founder & CEO, Velou