Zero To Beyond COVID-19: A free course to help you and your company survive and thrive after COVID-19

I raised $12M during The Great Recession.  The economic effects of COVID-19 are likely WORSE than The Great Recession.

Think about what's going on in the world as we speak.  The world's economies have effectively been turned off.  The death toll is likely to be in the millions worldwide.

Unemployment in some areas of the United States is already over 25%.  These are numbers that haven't been seen since The Great Depression of the 1930's.

You need to take action today if your company is going to survive.

I designed Zero To Beyond COVID-19 based on my experience dealing with crisis management.  Then I added the actions that my 1:1 coaching clients are taking right now, and the result is Zero To Beyond COVID-19.

Zero To Beyond COVID-19 is a guide of what you can do to survive and thrive in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The course is broken into three, 15 minute, modules:

Module 1: Financial planning for Armageddon

Module 2: Communicating with your team, your customers, and your investors

Module 3: Planning for relaunch

The course is free!  All you need to do is sign up here.