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How You Can Avoid Nine Startup Sales Killers

“It’s too early to hire a VP of Sales!” The VC said to me. “You should be doing the selling!” “I hear where you’re coming from,” I said. “And believe me, I will be selling.” “’Ken’s’ been part of the company since I started it. “Without Ken, we wouldn’t have gotten funded,” I said. “One…

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When Should I Hire A COO?

I added a COO as a cofounder to my company. He was talented, had tons of experience and knowledge, and he helped me secure funding. There was just one little problem with having a Chief Operations Officer in a startup, especially an early stage startup. And that problem is… Startups, especially early stage startups, don’t…

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What Are The Early Signs Your Startup Is In Trouble?

“There is no negotiation on this term sheet,” the Venture Capitalist said to me. I was stunned. There’s always negotiation, isn’t there? Everyone negotiates, right? Not this VC. The terms we were given were horrible. I tried everything I could to get better terms, but the VC was unmoved. The answer was always “No”. Mike…

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