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I love startups! I mean, I absolutely love startups!


I love the struggle. I love the sense you’re building something big. I love the thrill of getting a product to market and watching revenue grow.


But, it’s not easy, is it? Sometimes it feels like you are climbing Mount Everest alone.


I know that feeling all too well…


I’ve been exactly where you’ve been.


I know how difficult raising money truly is (63 Venture Capital Firms turned us down before the 64th funded my company). I know how tough it is to get traction in the marketplace. You get there by grinding every day.


I know how tough it is to really build a world-class company. I know what it’s like to epically fail, and I know what it’s like to win big.

My Promise to You:


I will not pull any punches, and I will not hold back any information. You’ll get everything I know.


Every week, I post new tips and ideas based on my real world experience building businesses.


I do coach a limited number of CEOs one-on-one.   This is the ideal program for you if your business is stuck and you want to get to the next level.  You can learn more here.


You can learn from all my experiences:


  • - How to avoid my failures
  • - How to take a punch and keep moving forward
  • - How to replicate (and exceed) my successes

I am here to help you win!

So sign up here and you’ll learn how I built several businesses from $0 to >$100M, raised over $100M in venture capital and private equity funding, built world-class teams, developed products that were 10X to 100X better than the competition, dealt with crazy investors, survived The Great Recession and lived to talk about it.



I look forward to helping you achieve success!


Brett Fox